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At Oxford Green Roofs we offer a range of services from a consultation only, right up to the complete build. The two directors, Kay and Gareth Davies, are on hand from the initial phone call right through to the green roof build on site. It is important that the brief never gets lost and the customer has continuity throughout the job.


The following is a list of the available services. However if you have a slightly different project then always feel free to call and discuss it. We thrive on individual projects that require a unique approach. No two jobs are the same and all our green roofs are bespoke.


Services Available:

  • Full consultation, design and build of a bespoke green roof. This can include the waterproofing.
  • Consultation for a green roof build with or without a design for the roof.
  • Green roof renovation.
  • Green roof maintenance.
  • Plant advice for a green roof. This can be a general idea or a specific planting scheme.
  • Assistance with planning applications or listed building consent.
  • Assessment visit and report on an existing green roof - price starts at £150 plus VAT

Community Gardens

We offer community garden workshops teaching people how to build structures such as bug hotels, log stores and small shelters with a green roof, suitable for insects to burrow, over winter and then find food when they emerge from hibernation.


Please contact us if this is something you would like to discuss.

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