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Wild flower meadow green roof.

This kind of planting is organic, wild and full of different species. Each year will be different to the one before depending on the weather conditions throughout the year. This kind of roof can make a rural building blend into the surrounding landscape, and enable an urban roof to reclaim lost wildlife habitat. A truly exciting, beautiful and bio-diverse roof. 

Sedum green roof.

A neat and low growing plant. the colour changes according to how wet or dry it is. Suits a contemporary building or one that needs a neater, lower growing finish.

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Drought tolerant, wildlife friendly green roof.

This roof is a wonderful mix of wildlife habitats, planting and agregates. It resembles a dry river bed with different depths and habits to suit a range of insects. The planting is designed to cope with drought.

A variety of edgeguard we use:

  • Recycled plastic lumber

  • Painted rough sawn timber

  • Alluminium

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