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Oxford Green Roofs Ltd are a small family run company who since 2009 have been specialising in advising on, designing and constructing green roofs in a domestic setting. 


Directors – Gareth and Kay Davies


Gareth and Kay both share a passion for living in an environmental and sustainable way.  


Gareth is a qualified building surveyor and project manager with a degree in structural engineering. He specialises in domestic building projects and has a particular interest in ecological construction methods. He project manages the green roof builds and specifies all the detailing, technical and construction aspects needed for each one.


Kay is trained in organic gardening with a special interest in planting to encourage bio-diversity and wildlife. She designs and specifies the appropriate planting for each job working to bring client wishes in line with sustainability and longevity.

How we work.

Our experience and training has taught us that with the right build up and a small yearly maintenance check, green roofs can be self sustaining and bio-diverse.

A good waterproofing system, adequate soil depth, good drainage and roof detailing are key to a successful green roof.

We work closely with clients and professionals from the design right through to the finished build. Our hands on approach is important to us as this gives clients the confidence that the brief is never lost.

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