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Green roofs are defined as planted, vegetative roofs

Green roofs, otherwise known as living roofs, can be living eco systems helping to contribute to the wildlife ‘corridors’ which our invertebrate population needs to survive. They have been around for centuries but are becoming more popular in our need to become less carbon hungry. They also meet our desire for a green space on our doorstep, however small the space available. They work well on smaller structures, such as a garden sheds and studios, just as well as larger structures.

They are widely recognised as helping to improve our air quality as the plants absorb impurities in the air.

Additional Advantages
  • Reducing and delaying rainwater run-off
  • Insulating in the winter and heat absorbing in the summer
  • Improved sound insulation
  • It is possible to make use of recycled materials in the substrate used for planting
  • They can provide a pleasing visual amenity


Oxford Green Roofs are a small family run company who specialise in advising on and constructing green roofs in a domestic setting.  
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